Anonymous said: Why do I like cock so much?

Why would I care?

slainhero said: How are you doing today?

Sucking my husband’s giant cock

Sorry I am bored and sick in bed

Anonymous said: I want to be your skype buddy! What's the going rate to be Skype pals?

Email me at for rates! For some reason I am have been in the mood for some naked shows.

Anonymous said: You are awesome.

Someone agrees with me

Anonymous said: I've noticed that you have lost a lot of weight! You look great by the way..but you always did regardless of your size. What did you do in order to lose weight and how do you maintain your figure? Thanks :-).

Hmmm… I know I am honest about how I was treated differently at a bigger size but I am not really into talking about weight loss. It’s pretty triggering for me and for other people. I don’t want people to read my blog and then feel weird about themselves. I totally know that wasn’t your intent, so no bad feelings or anything.

Anonymous said: are you am escort?

The question that just keeps being asked

mortisblak said: I'll be your Skype buddy.

I want skype buddies that either pay me or are pretty girls

chroma-soma said: hi! Are you in L A?can i pay you to do a full arty photoshoot with me?

I am located in SF

planetclare said: Where did you get that lace bra it's so cute

Frederick’s cheap old thing

ifoundmymittens said: How is your hair cut? Is it just the one side shaved?

Both sides since I was 17!

i need a Skype lover

i need a Skype lover

slut stoner bath time



Anonymous said: Interesting. Are the model agencies moving? Do currently some companies penalize individuals on sets who ask for condoms? Interesting you say Cis-women, I dig that, does the Porn Industry have a tie with the LGBTQI movement? Thank you very much for answering my question previously. No worries on the photography side of things!

I say cis-gendered because of my queer background. While there are queer porn companies the porn industry in a whole is definitely not down with LGBTQI community. It still had most mainstream standards. Transphobia and homophobia can (not always) be very present. Racism as well, some models won’t do interracial ( which means sex with a black man).
Please take note I am critical of the sex industry but not anti or against it. I just think it could be a lot different.
To answer your question so continue to shoot in LA and some have moved to Vegas.

and yes some companies won’t shoot you if you want to use condoms

Anonymous said: Does your fiancé's parents/family know about the type of work that you do? And are they OK with it? How did they find out? Thanks :). Also it is so fucking nice to finally not see a size 2, fake boob, bleached blonde doing well in the porn industry, really beautiful natural humans do exist in porn too :).

My partner’s family life isn’t my business to discuss so sadly I can’t answer your question. Thank you for the compliments. I definitely never viewed myself as successful in the porn industry. I did some cool stuff and sometimes it would get recognized but nothing more than that. I like my fans and my clients that have come to me over the years because of “Arabelle” that is the best part.