Anonymous said: When did your voracious appetite for sex come over you and then how long after that did you give into your sexual urges (i.e. Fucking like crazy)

Are you asking me when I lost my V card?

Anonymous said: How does it feel to be living proof that Persian girls are sexy?

I didn’t know we had to prove it.

Anonymous said: pornstars life is very stressful,so how do you manage stress?one more thing i wish to ask,which lesbian scene you will prefer(pairing with a milf or 18yr old) and why?

Life in general is stressful lol. I personally get massages, bitch to my friends, meditate, take trips to the middle of nowhere. Nature is my medicine.  I would probably be more interested in working with milfs. I like to work with people who have been around and know how to perform. Also I don’t sleep with teens in my real life so it would be more relatable.  

Painting of me By @Dillonkroe

Painting of me By @Dillonkroe

Anonymous said: What are your thoughts on piracy?

Well it’s destroying porn so yeah not down. People tell me all time they saw a video of mine on a tube site or downloaded which really bothers me! #payforporn

Anonymous said: I have to ask as I think your hot and I have pubic hair fetish, how do you prefer your bush? Grown out? Shaved? In designs?

I prefer hair but trimmed. I like my landing strip a lot. I get to see everything that is going on when I am getting fucked with being completely bald. I am pretty over the bald pussy style.

Anonymous said: quite surprised to see a persian adult performer,is there any other persian(male or female) performer(s) in the industry?

I don’t know about Persian but I know of other Middle Easterns in porn.  

la-blue-girl said: i saw girlpile recently. do you plan on getting together with them again soon to shoot another film? i loved that movie.

I have done several scenes with Tori Lux and once before with Nikki Hearts. It was and still is the only time I have performed with Sinn Sage. You will have to ask Courtney Trouble the director if they plan on having a reunion lol. It was incredibly fun to shoot!

Anonymous said: you have got a very photogenic face with an unconventional beauty (persian lineage)rare to find in the porn valley,hope to see more of your work in the near future!

Why thank you! ;)

Anonymous said: We should take acid together and smell each other's armpits


horneyandblack said: Your man is one lucky guy!!!

He is pretty awesome

Anonymous said: LOL at people telling you your nose is hot. They must be into trannies.

I take that as compliment there a lot hot trans women out there. You have to understand the ways you are trying to attack just don’t work. You use racist and transphobic language therefore anything that comes out of your mouth is completely irrelevant. Don’t give a fuck


last one ever so gorgeous @arabelleraphael for today, happy memorial day :)

He makes me so hot!


last one ever so gorgeous @arabelleraphael for today, happy memorial day :)

He makes me so hot!

Anonymous said: For the record, I think your nose is sexy.

Thanks! I like it too

Anonymous said: I think your gorgeous, I love me a curvy Jewish amazon.. ; )

I am actually 5’3 not very amazon hehe